Pet Delivery Service

The Best Airport-to-Airport Kitten Delivery

Airport Delivery

Greet your new kitten directly at any airport in the United States (and some international destinations).

Cabin Experience

We'd never leave a kitten in a cargo hold! Your kitten will sit in the aircraft cabin with us.

Comfort Amenities

Travelling is stressful for kittens. We'll make sure to have comfort items to ease the journey for the little one.

Registered & Insured

Purrfect Parcel is registered with the USDA and insured as a pet taxi service. Rest easy - we got this covered!

Breeder Direct

We'll act as your delivery agent and pick up your new kitten directly from the breeder.

Our Story

Finding that special kitten

As passionate feline enthusiasts with years of experience, we intimately understand the challenges of embarking on the quest to find the ideal kitten companion. The journey often begins with extensive research and countless phone calls to breeders, who may be located hundreds of miles away. Navigating through the labyrinth of breeder choices and waiting anxiously for that promising litter to arrive can be an emotionally taxing process. While we may not have the power to expedite the waiting period, it was this very frustration that ignited the spark behind the creation of Purrfect Parcel.

We treat your kitten
like family.

Purrfect Parcel was born out of a genuine desire to simplify the intricate logistics of uniting families with their cherished kittens. We are driven by the belief that your future feline friend deserves a stress-free and smooth journey into your loving home. Our mission extends far beyond just delivering a pet; it's about delivering joy, companionship, and the promise of unforgettable memories. Your kitten is not just a pet; they are a beloved member of your family, and we pledge to treat them with the utmost love and care.

Why Choose Us

Unforgettable Delivery Experience

The journey of a kitten can be a daunting one, especially when it involves travel. From sharing the aircraft cabin with our attentive staff to enjoying plush, comfortable pillows, and soothing scents, we take every measure to ensure that your kitten's journey is as peaceful and comfortable as possible. At Purrfect Parcel, we understand that the journey home is the first chapter of a beautiful story between you and your new feline friend, and we are honored to be a part of it.

We deliver to any airport in the United States. We may be able to deliver internationally - it just depends on the destination's customs guidelines.

If you work with one of our breeder partners, we will fly out of the Indianapolis Airport. However if there's a breeder you want to work with, we can start our journey together at any major airport in the US.

Due to airline restrictions and limited cabin space, we can only carry kittens or cats under 8lbs.

Yes, most airlines require the kitten to be a minimum of 12 weeks old.
  • Frequent Updates

    We will keep you updated on our progress the whole trip (selfie's included!)

  • Compassionate care

    We'll keep your kitten as calm and comfortable as possible the whole trip.

  • Safety First

    The safe delivery of your kitten is our first and only goal. Your kitten will never leave our side.